Royal Access Real Estate, LLC is a boutique real estate company. We specialize in the buying, selling, assisting investors with tailored investment opportunities or simply helping them manage their rental portfolio for residential and commercial real estate. Our office is located in Atlanta, GA. We have a large rage of partnerships in North Carolina, Florida, New York, Texas and California for all of your relocation needs. Rather you are preparing to buy your first home, relocating or looking to sell your next family home we will be there every step of the way. Here is how we bring your dream home to reality.

Preparing Your Next Home

Here at Royal Access Real Estate, we work with you to find the perfect home at the best price for you and your family's needs. By listening to your expectations in the very beginning, our professionalism and expertise will maximize your wish list and get you the home your family will love.

Selling Your Home

We believe there is a major difference between a Realtor who places your home on a listing website and a Realtor who creates a campaign tailored specifically for you and your family's needs. Our market research and industry knowledge has helped us close transactions in 30 days or less. When it's time to move, we will be available to help you with every aspect of selling your home and finding you a new one.

Expert Home Selling Tactics

Our team has a vast skill set that will be used to help make your home attractive to a more ideal audience, which helps you get top dollar for your property. By using the best marketing skills, we can help put your property ahead of those you may be competing with, within your market. Staging the home, making repairs or minor improvements, or even simply painting the walls can be the difference between a home resting on the market and one that’s sold fast.

We are committed to giving every client top priority by going beyond the expected to deliver an exceptional and fully satisfying one-stop, full-service real estate experience for homebuyers and sellers. We will work with you throughout your entire home search or sale process, and assist in finalizing the details.

We are REGAL. We are ACCESSIBLE. We are RELIABLE. We are EXPERIENCED. We are R.A.R.E “Bringing dream homes to reality”